Need a New Roof for your Grove City property?

How do you know when you need a new roof? Every individual composite shingle is composed of four layers:

  1. A mat of glass fibers or organic materials
  2. Asphalt
  3. Filler made of limestone and sand
  4. Granules of crushed stone with a ceramic coating

how much does a roof cost grove cityRoofing Repair

It is possible that your roof may still be in a serviceable condition and only in need of repair no matter how big or small the damage may be.

At Grove City Roofing, we strongly believe in community. We will give you an honest opinion about what your roof might need and how much longer it may last with a repair. A repair may not be needed, or if a roof is “beyond repair”, we will let you know. Roofs can be compared to tires, sometimes it makes no sense to try to patch bald tires, at some point they need to be replaced. Often repairing and maintaining your roof could add many years of serviceability to your roof. Grove City Roofing has a dedicated and knowledgeable repair crew. When shingles are exposed to severe weather, the asphalt layer shrinks and deteriorates. Consequently, the shingle hardens, becomes brittle and results in:

  • Cupped or curled edges
  • Hairline cracks, appearing in random patterns throughout a shingle
  • Discolored streaks or patches caused by lichens or algae (moss & algae damage)
  • Diagonally patterned deterioration
  • Rounded or horseshoe shaped areas where granules are compressed into the asphalt coating
  • Hail damage that produces a random pattern of strike marks in various sizes or bruises
  • Splitting that results in horizontal, vertical or diagonal cracks
  • Splices that leaves a double thickness of mat that does not allow the remaining layers of the shingle to be properly formed
  • Blisters, resulting in pockmarks in the shingle

If you observe any of these warning signs on your roof, our experienced roofing experts at Grove City Roofing can schedule a free inspection and evaluation of your roof. If we find damage, we’ll quote you a reasonable estimate and advise you on how to best replace that damaged roof. Then, one of our skilled, roof replacement crews will fix your roof as efficiently and promptly as possible.

Contact our professional, experienced Roofing Experts for any roof services you may need.

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